Phaz energy for music-brings new, patented technology and feature sets to headphones; taking headphones from legacy analog into the digital domain. Phaz delivers new performance based features that modernize headphones making them perfectly suited to mobile devices.

The multi-billion dollar US headphone market continues to be rife with headphone products that are analog based, utilizing legacy technology, offering me-too features in a differentiated industrial design that compete against market share leading brands. The current aggregate of the headphone industry's product assortment lends the industry to being prime for market disruption and evolution.

Phaz headphones incorporate patented "Charge your phone while you listen to music" technology. Phaz headphones utilize internal, high-resolution digital-to-analog converters and plug directly into mobile device data ports via micro-USB and iOS-Lightning connectors for digital music sound quality that is astounding.

Phaz headphones have a built-in high definition, discreet audio amplifier with active bass boost that offers consumers new sound performance and control.

Phaz Headphones offer exclusive active "Share Ports" so friends can plug their headphones, regardless of brand, directly into Phaz headphones and share the elevated music experience.

Phaz WIRELESS headphones incorporate the latest generation of Bluetooth 4.0 technology and aptX decoding from microchip manufacturer CSR. CSR's aptX technology permits wireless sound quality over Bluetooth that, for the first time, rivals premium wired headphone audio experience.

Phaz delivers unprecedented consumer value by understanding mobile devices, and the mobile lifestyle while offering technology and features that maximize audio performance. Phaz is- energy for music.

The Technology

Phaz saw a powerful opportunity in the market. Consumers‘ desire for fantastic audio quality was conflicting with the constant need to recharge their mobile devices. To address this, Phaz engineered patented technology that lets users transfer energy from a battery in our headphones to power boost their mobile device without any audio compromise. Phaz has forever eliminated that moment of choosing between your music and your battery; your device now has enough energy for both.

Best-in-class sound

Audiophile-grade headphone amplifier Premium 40mm drivers with neodymium magnets Precisely tuned by the experts at JJR Acoustics

Dynamic audio

Delivers premium audio regardless of device or player. Switchable bass boost, delivers extra bass impact without distortion Passive mode if battery runs down completely

Power-Transfer Technology

Charges the mobile devices connected to them as you listen Charges most phones to about 70 percent LED indicator keeps you informed of the charge status of the battery.

Leading edge design

Earpieces that fold in for easy transit Detachable cord with an inline microphone/remote control Thick, comfortable, perforated, memory-foam ear cushions that swivel in every direction

The Phaz Music Team

Phaz combines the strengths and passions of a team of audio industry veterans. They‘ve worked not only with major headphone companies such as Beats by Dre and Monster, but also in the design and marketing of factory-installed automotive audio systems, portable Bluetooth speakers and more. Thus, they bring fresh approaches not typical of most headphone designers.

Just as important, the Phaz team is highly experienced in the manufacturing and sourcing of consumer electronics products. They know where to go to get top-quality audio products manufactured, and how to assure that quality is maintained throughout the manufacturing process, thus assuring consumers receive products with consistent quality and great reliability.

David Munzlinger - president, Phaz Music - A passionate music and consumer electronics veteran, David leads the team, pioneering the Phaz brand with a strategic path to the digital future. "We set out to create a best-in-class headphone brand with thoughtful industrial design, uncompromised acoustics and brand new technology that solves the ever-increasing consumer need to power mobile devices. The result was Phaz. And we are Energy for Music."

The Future

Phaz engineers are developing a fully digital headphone platform for the near future. Digital headphones will offer many benefits in terms of music and movie listening experiences. Digital will provide new features that are simply not possible in the analog domain, a place where the headphone industry has resided for decades. Digital is the future, but digital and mobile charging? Uncharted territory.

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